Nate Banton began his formal pipemaking career working for a well known uilleann pipemaker in New York.  After a three year apprenticeship, Nate started a pipemaking company in 2005 in a friend's basement. The basic designs for our smallpipes and Border pipes were developed there.  The designs have evolved year after year increasing in quality ever since.  

Smallpipes are Nate's particular specialty and he focuses his time on that half of the company.

Will Woodson is an innovative and powerful young performer of traditional and contemporary music of Scottish bellows pipes, wooden flute, and tin whistle.  These days he's based in Portland, Maine and enmeshed in the thriving music scene of the Northeastern United States, where he's active as both a musician and a maker of Scottish Bellows pipes.

As one of the premier players of the instrument, Will's in charge of the Border pipes half of the company.