Price includes everything you’ll need to play the pipes - chanter, drones, reeds, bag and bellows (all sets are bellows blown only).  Our wait list is 3 years for smallpipes.  The Border pipe list is currently closed.  (Existing sets of Border pipes will continue to be serviced, of course.)


Scottish Smallpipes

  • Smallpipes – A $3100

  • Smallpipes – D $3000

  • Smallpipes – C $3000

  • 4 drone set w/ 1 chanter $3700

  • A/D (2 chanters) Combination Set $4400

  • Five drone set with Contrabass w/ 1 chanter $5500 - Video

                        (add $400 for Steel/Silver) 

  • Five Drone set with Contrabass w/1 chanter and Double drone switch $6200

                       (add $500 for Steel/Silver) 

  • Five Drone set with Contrabass w/2 chanters $6200

                       (add $400 for Steel/Silver) 

  • Five Drone set with Contrabass w/2 chanters and Double drone switch $6900

                       (add $500 for Steel/Silver)

Chanter Keys-

  • High B key - $200 Brass ($275 Silver)

  • High C/C# key - $250 Brass ($300 Silver)

  • Cnat key - $250 Brass ($325 Silver)

  • Low G# key - $250 Brass ($325 Silver)

  • High G# key - $250 Brass ($325 Silver)

  • Low F# key - $325 Brass ($425 Silver)


Border Pipes

  • Border Pipes – A

  • Four Drone Set (Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass) – A - Video

  • Four Drone Set (Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass) – w/ Single Switch

  • Four Drone Set (Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass) – w/ Double Switch

  • MacDougall Style - Video

  • 18th Century Style with 2 tenors - Video

  • Three Drone Set (Tenor, Bass, Contrabass)

  • Four Drone Set (Alto or Baritone, Tenor, Bass, Contrabass)

  • Five Drone set (Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, and Contrabass)

  • Five Drone set with double switches - Video


  • High B key on Chanter

  • High C/C# key on Chanter

  • Low G# key on Chanter

  • High G# key on Chanter

  • Low F# key on Chanter



  • A, D, or C Smallpipe Chanter $700



  • New chanter reeds $75

  • Bellows $350


Beginning Sets

(Bag, Bellows, and Chanter only)^

  • Smallpipes $1200


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*All sets with a Contrabass use drones that rest on the leg like the uilleann pipes do, and come standard with shut off key, which can be activated by the piper mid-tune for added dynamics.  

^Drones can be added at a later date to complete the set 

-Please note that we include a righthand thumb hole for playing Cnat on smallpipe chanters.  If you don't want this, just let us know and we won't drill a hole for that.

Shipping costs not included

– Prices current for 2018.  

Bag covers are not included (many pipers prefer to play without a cover). If you’d like a cover, Jolene at Hastings Bag Covers can supply a high quality one at a reasonable price using my bag pattern.

All pipes are custom, made to order, handmade sets of pipes. This takes time to do properly, but every set is unique and every set is carefully fine tuned and adjusted until it is perfect before leaving the shop. Every wood in every photo around the website is available for pipes. Please note that woods vary in color from piece to piece and your pipes may look different from those pictured. We will do our best to match color within each set, but it’s not possible to guarantee perfect color matching. Unless otherwise noted, brass and Stainless steel (silver) sets are the same price.  There are no differences in cost for the different woods except for ABW, add $100. And there are no differences in price for mounts, except Antler, add $100.  Prices subject to change.

PLEASE NOTE - Certain woods have now become difficult to export out of the US.  We have decided that African Blackwood and Sonokeling can no longer be ordered by overseas customers.  Our apologies for this.

There is currently NO problem as far as we know with pipes owners crossing borders with their pipes.  The problem is ONLY with exporting pipes made from these woods.

-The Silver looking ferrules you see on our pipes are and have always been Stainless steel.  (Looks like silver, stays shiny)  Our keys and our contrabass turnaround sections are cast using "lost wax casting". Stainless steel cannot be used for this process.  For this reason we use Sterling silver for these parts only.  

To keep costs down, we still use Stainless for the ferrules.  While the two different metals match fairly well when shiny, the silver parts do tarnish so will need to be kept polished if customers want the parts to remain matching. - 

Wait time after ordering is estimated at 2 1/2 years for smallpipes. Please contact us by email to discuss what you’re looking for in a set of pipes.

When the pipes have gone through the beginning stages of work, and they are ready to start the finishing stages, we will ask for half payment (this is typically 4-6 months before completion). Once that first half payment is received we will try to have the pipes ready for shipping in 4-6 months.  We will contact you to arrange final payment when the pipes are more or less ready to go.  Payment is to be made by check or postal/bank order (or similar).  Paypal is available for those who want to use credit card, but a fee for that service will be included (around 1-2% typically).

– We would like to acknowledge and thank Hamish Moore for his generosity in allowing us to use certain breakthroughs in Border pipe design that he created. And we’d like to offer a general thanks to both Hamish and his son Fin for their work in Smallpipes and Border pipe making, without which the overall quality of pipe making (and playing!) wouldn’t be half where it is today.